About Us

Food-Zone.com was developed to supply the restaurant industry with online ordering (for takeout and delivery) and reservation system. It is our goal to make sure that we use the most up-to-date Internet technology to serve the needs of all restaurants. We always listen to our customers and will do our best for them. Food-Zone.com teams up with restaurants to best serve their customers. With the help of Internet technology, customers can:

  • View full menu online (pictures included)

  • Use different criteria in searching for food items

  • Order online (for delivery or takeout)

  • Make reservation online

  • Get coupon online

  • Save ‘favorite’ for future order

Each restaurant gets full benefits from many features, including:

  • Increasing exposure of full menu (with pictures) online at 24x7 to all customers

  • Utilization of online promotion (e.g. announcing holidays’ specials and/or coupons) in co-operation with other promotional packages

  • Simple and convenient online order (for delivery and takeout) and reservation system for all customers

  • Accurate print-out of online orders via fax, showing items ordered, total price, customer’s address and contact info, delivery/takeout mode, and also all ‘special requests’

  • Online display of map, business hours, address, phone, and fax of restaurant at all time

In addition, Food-Zone.com is carefully designed for each restaurant to have its own control over some features on the web pages via administration/back-end system, including:

  • Post news and announcement on its homepage

  • Add/edit menu

  • Add/edit coupon

  • Instant e-mail broadcast to all customers

  • Collect profiles of online customers

  • View report of online orders for any specific dates